— von Maria Eleftheria G. Giatrakou

10-19 July 2015
Greece (Athens – Chios – Oinousses)

The activities of the yearly world congress of Euroclassica – Academia Homerica took place in Greece for nineteenth year with great success. Participants and students from Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, U.S.A., England, China, Syria, Cyprus participated. Most of them members of Academies, Chancellors, Deans, University Professors, doctors, researchers, teachers, students attended carefully the following sessions:

  1. Session of scholars / Hellenists and other scientists, giving lectures on the main topic. Homer in the world. Homer – Sea – Aegean Civilization – Environment – Sciences arts. Very eminent persons gave lectures.
  2. Session of students of Homeric studies with main topic. Homer and world literature. Dr. Astrid Eitel directed the session and taught also the Philologist Maria Linou. Students and postgraduate students attended the lessons.
  3. Session of Modern Greek language, history and civilization which attended both professors and students. 4) A session for those wishing voluntarily to learn traditional Greek dances.

The whole programme started from Athens with visits to New Museum of the Acropolis, the Acropolis, to the Archeological Museum of Athens, Ancient Agora, Monastiraki etc. The participants travelled to Chios and the congress took place at the Homerion Cultural Center and “MARIA TSAKOS” FOUNDATION as well as at Oinousses. Visits and tours took place and a special programme was performed by the twenty students of the Cyprus University at Kardamyla, at “MARIA TSAKOS” FOUNDATION, at Daskalopetra. We had also the chance to visit Museums and Libraries and Archaeological and Byzantine places in Chios and Oinousses and to accept the hospitality and generosity of the Greek citizens everywhere the participants went. Discriminated participants were nominated honorary citizens of Chios and Oinousses. All had also the chance to visit the mastic and medieval villages of Chios and the Archaeological place of Emporeios of 7000 history.

The participants also had the chance to read Odysseia and Iliad on the Daskalopetra (Homer’s Rock or Homer’s School) with other Chios inhabitants. During the official closing day we enjoyed the oral competition of the students of the Homeric studies and of Modern Greek language who presented their excellent work. Certificates of attendance were given to all the participants and many honors and selected editions.

Deep study, lectures, visits, tours, entertainment, hospitality, generosity and friendship, Greek sun and sea, clear air and good hearted people composed Academia Homerica 2015 certifying that it was absolutely successful in spite of the crisis and difficulties.

Athens, July 19th, 2015